When I’m not working hard on logos, marketing, and printed products I continue using my artist skills to make fun farmhouse signs, wreaths and teaching craft classes. To view some of the projects I’ve made and offer visit, the craft page.




graphic design

GRAPHIC DESIGN – You are an expert at what you do and professional Graphic Designers are experts at what they do. We are experienced in developing marketing materials that command your audience’s attention and clearly convey YOUR message.

Professional Designers not only have the appropriate software and access to professional stock images, but also the illustration, typesetting and layout skills that are necessary to creating and producing effective, high quality marketing tools.

Our customers range from tiny start-ups to large companies. As soon as our costumers contact us, we go straight to the process of gathering data, such as, your business goal, the customers you wish to target, and your budget. We collect as much data about your business as we can so we can form a whole idea about it. This is all beneficial to your success.

Once we obtain a firm grasp of understanding towards your products or service, we will start to form a strategy and a plan on how our graphic design services can help you achieve succeed. We formulate a lot of graphic design ideas for brochure design, flyer design, catalog design, business card design, corporate identity and logo design. Anything you want designed, we will do for you. You can select the option to stay towards a specific graphic design or, choose to get a complete package set. At this stage, I’ll have a vast amount of knowledge of what kind of ads work for which service or product.

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